13-14 June 2022, Geneva

Reports from Dr.Prim.Hava Bugayer- Gleitman

  1. UNCHR Item 7 , debate of the first report delivered by the commission of inquiry (COI)
  2. UN Watch side events
From right to left: Sam Namias, Hillel Neuer, Ms. Hava Bugajer, Colonel Richard Kemp, Hannah Hyams, and Maayan Schoen. We all will remember the great performance of Col. Richard Kemp

Israel is the only state that has been tabled for years under the so-called Item7 at every meeting of the Council of Human Rights in Geneva (UNCHR), giving the council the opportunity to repeat it’s “orchestrated onslaught” and condemn Israel at each of its meetings.

Refering to the “exacerbation of the conflict on the temple mount” in Jerusalem in 2021, the UNCHR decided to nominate a neutral body to investigate the “The Human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, and the obligation to ensure accountability and justice.”

Navi Pillay, who is well known for her bias towards Israel and for enabling a platform for disseminating anti-Semitic propaganda during her tenure with the UNCHR between 2008-2014, was appointed chair of the commission of inquiry (COI). Under this precondition, that excluded a fair investigation, Israel refused to cooperate with this COI.

The mandate of the commission was not limited, neither when exploring the past nor for the future duration, and yearly costs of millions of dollars have been allocated for this purpose. 

(link 1 – to Dr.Prim.Hava Bugayer- Gleitman’s report)

UN Watch side events

Ahead of the UNCHR’s debate of Ms. Pillay’s report, UN Watch held two sideline events in which experts testified before ambassadors and activists on the bias against Israel and blind eye that the report has when it comes to Palestinian terrorism.

Colonel Richard Kemp, Former Commander of British forces in Afghanistan and counter-terrorism expert and Lt. Col. Geoffrey Corn, distinguished Professor of National Security Law, South Texas College of Law battled in a meeting chaired by Hillel Neuer, Director of UN Watch the injustice and false information by UN.

Anne Herzberg from NGO Monitor, Olga Meshoe a South African attorney and human rights activist and Yosef Haddad, an Israeli Arab human rights activist spoke out against COI’s apartheid accusation.

Einat Wilf pointed out that “Occupation” is not the root but the result of the Arab Israeli conflict.

link 2 – to Dr.Prim.Hava Bugayer- Gleitman’s report)