*Israeli Footballers Score One for Equality*

In Hebrew the word “שיוויון” – “shivayon” – means both “equality” and, in sports – it means “a tie” – when both teams have the same amount of points or goals.

It is this play on words that is the tag line of the partnership WIZO has formed with Israel’s Premier League (football/soccer) to mark International Women’s Day, and promote women’s rights and equality.

This past weekend, in football stadiums throughout Israel, teams took the field with special WIZO jerseys, and, to standing ovations from the crowds, unfurled a banner with the WIZO logo, saying: “*When you start with *equality/tie*, *you end up winning*”. 

Photo credits: Maccabi Haifa F.C., Maccabi Netanya F.C., Bnei Sachnin F.C., Danny Maron.